Pre-Paid Debit Cards

Cards that we've loaded with funds from various accounts. Once the funds are loaded onto the prepaid cards, they are secure and only you will have access to them, making them risk free.

We are only accepting bitcoin for payment. No other type of payment is accepted due to obvious security reasons. This is tor, we expect our buyers to be familiar with btc. If you need help with acquiring btc, ask us.

We have both plain magnetic stripe cards and chipped cards. Our chipped card balances come in euros and cost more due to one; the higher balances and two, chipped cards are more difficult to acquire.

The cards have balances between 1400 and 2500 USD or EUR. Chipped cards come in both USD and EUR and magnetic cards only come in USD.

If you're ordering within the US, regular magnetic cards will work fine, if you're ordering out of any european country we advise you buy our chipped cards as chipped cards are required for authorization in all european countries and many others.

The price brackets(discounts) for the cards are below, if you wish to order more than 20 cards, just ask and we'll give you a price.

To calculate the cost in bitcoin you can use